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  • Do you want a more collaborative relationship with your child’s
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  • Do you want to share your special knowledge and expertise with professionals in a way you will be heard?

  • Do you feel like a broken record every time you talk with your child’s teachers?

  • Do you know your next best step for you and your child, or are you
    stuck in a place of overwhelm?

I’ve met so many families over the years who feel stuck and frustrated about their child’s current situation at school. They’re overwhelmed with information, and feel the weight of all the demands of raising a child with a disability or undiagnosed learning differences is bearing down on them.

In my work with families, I see each child’s unique gifts. I help parents reframe their current stories about their child’s limitations so that they can see potential, progress and possibility. I help parents create clear plans that lead to solutions instead of confusion, overwhelm and frustration.

I believe parents are true experts when it comes to their children. They know things naturally that no other caregiver, teacher or doctor can possibly know. When they share their special knowledge with others in a collaborative way, great things happen.

This is why I created the GIFT Pack. It stands for “Great Information For Teachers: 7 things your child’s teacher must know.” The GIFT Pack will walk you through the steps to create a meaningful document to share with your child’s educational team. This one-of-a-kind document will save you time and frustration, as well as establish a strong collaborative relationship from the get-go.

If you want to take a small step toward ending overwhelm, frustration and panic around times of change, the GIFT Pack is a perfect tool for you.

Simply enter your name and e-mail in the box on the top right side of this page. You will have access to the GIFT Pack almost immediately. As a bonus, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to my weekly note, which provides you with bite-sized tips and solutions to keep you moving forward.

The GIFT Pack has helped scores of parents move away from overwhelm and toward a collaborative relationship with their child’s educational team. I’m confident the GIFT Pack will give you outstanding results, too.

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